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The Senior Recreation Council is a non-profit volunteer organization operating under the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation.  We offer a variety of regular programs and activities; some are conducted throughout the entire year; others are seasonal.  There are many physical activities offered for the well-being of the body as well as mentally stimulating programs.

For information on current programs and activities as well as the current month's calendar, click on the appropriate link to the left.
Information about current SRC programs and activities can be found in the Senior Calendar Section of the Thursday Frederick News-Post; or by calling the  Frederick County Department of Parks and Recreation at (301) 600-1646.

The SRC General Membership Meeting shall meet at least 4 times each year. at the direction of the Chairperson.
Meetings are open to all interested seniors.  In December we will have our regular annual holiday luncheon. Elections are held in October, and that meeting may be held at the Golden Corral Restaurant at FSK Mall at 11:00 am.

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The 2019 Seasonal Activity Schedule is currently (always) under construction.  Please Click the appropriate link on the left

There is a change in the place designated as "The Meeting Place".  We have permission to park at the Frederick Towne Mall on Route 40 West.  There is a large open parking lot area behind what used to be the BonTon, between Ollie's and The Home Depot.  We should park together in a central area, and each vehicle should display a dashboard placard that reads "Frederick County Senior Recreation Council".
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