APPROVED BY SRC ______________________

APPROVED BY PARKS & RECREATION _May 3, 2012_____________________




Section 1The name of this organization shall be the FREDERICK COUNTY SENIOR RECREATION COUNCIL (hereinafter called SRC).


Section 1.The purpose of the SRC shall be to develop a comprehensive recreation program for residents 50 years of age or older living in Frederick County, Maryland.


Section 1.Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, this organization shall not carry on any activity that is not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal income tax under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Revenue Law.


Section 1.Unless authorized by the Board of Directors, program participation is defined by the Constitution, Article IV, Section 1, Membership.

Section 2.The Board of Directors can vary program participation requirements with a simple majority vote by the Directors present.

Section 3.Individuals who are less than 50 years of age and who are accepted into a program organized primarily as a team sport shall be allowed to remain in the program.


Section 1.The Board of Directors shall oversee the operations of the Council, its standing and special committees, approve new programs and guide the Council in fulfilling its purposes.


Section 1.

The officers of the SRC shall consist of at least a Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and each shall serve until the next annual meeting or until the office is declared vacated.

Section 2.In the event an officer fails to perform the duties of an office to which he/she has been elected or he/she is absent under one of the following conditions:
           (A  without notice for two (2) consecutive meetings; or
           (B   with notice for four (4) consecutive meetings;
that office whall be deemed vacated unless the Board of Directors votes an exception.

Section 3.Vacancies occurring in the board of directors, either by the above means or by resignation or death, shall be filled by vote of the remaining members of the Board.  Any person appointed to a vacated office is eligible to be elected to that office at the next election.


Section 1.The Chairperson shall prepare the agenda, preside over all meetings; serve as its spokesperson before the public and act as chief executive of the SRC.  The Chairperson shall serve as an ex-officio on all committees.  He/she shall sign or counter-sign all certificates, contracts, and other instruments of the council as directed by the Board of Directors and approved by Frederick County.  The Chairperson shall perform all other duties as are incident to the office or required of him/her by the council including appointing chairpersons for all committees and voting in the event of a tie.

Section 2.The Vice-Chairperson shall act at the direction of the Chairperson and shall assume the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence.  If a vacancy in the Chairmanship occurs during the normal term of office, the Vice-Chairperson shall assume the duties of that position until the vacancy is filled by appointment of the Board of Directors.

Section 3.The Treasurer, SRC Program Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator shall receive and deposit in an account approved by the Board of Directors all cash received as registration for SRC activities or the sale of merchandise, contributions, checks or any other receipts.  When an individual other than the Treasurer makes a deposit, the Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting all deposit slips.  The Treasurer shall maintain the books and accounts of the organization using generally recognized accounting practices.  The Treasurer shall disburse SRC funds in payment of the just demands against the Council or as may be ordered by the Board of Directors taking and maintaining proper vouchers for all disbursements.  All checks shall require the signature of at least one officer as designated by the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall submit a monthly report and a year-end annual financial report of all accounts to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall arrange for an independent audit of accounts and provide a copy of that report to the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation.

Section 4.The Secretary is responsible for minutes of all Council and Board of Director meetings and maintaining a permanent record of them.  The Secretary shall issue a copy of minutes of each Council meeting to the members of the Board of Directors and the Division of Parks and Recreation.  The Secretary shall keep time and attendance records of each Council meeting and be responsible for correspondence and other duties as required by the Council at the Chairperson's discretion.


Section 1.There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The Executive Committee may act for the Board of Directors between its meetings if action or a decision is required prior to the next meeting of the Board of Directors provided it reports its action to the Board of Directors at its next meeting.  The Executive Committee will settle any disputes within the SRC, consulting with the Board of Directors as necessary.

Section 2.The Chairperson, with the approval of the Board of Directors, shall appoint as needed the following standing committees: finance, membership, communications, special events, programs and facilities and shall appoint the chairperson of all committees.

Section 3.The Chairperson may establish special committees to assist  in carrying out SRC's responsibilities.  Special committees may include non-members, however the chairperson must be a duly appointed SRC member.

Section 4.The chairperson shall appoint a Nominating Committee at least two (2) months prior to the next Annual Meeting.  The Nominating Committee will prepare a slate of nominees for election to the Board of Directors at least one (1) month prior to the Annual Meeting of the organization and submit it for publication in the newsletter.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election provided the nominee has given permission.  The Nominating Committee shall actively seek the names of potential nominees from the membership of the SRC.

Section 1.The SRC shall publicize to its membership the time, date and place of meetings.

Section 2.The SRC meeting in October shall be the Annual Meeting of the organization.

Section 3.A quorum for conducting the business of the SRC shall consist of the majority of members present at a regular or duly called meeting of the Council provided at least two officers are present.


Section 1.The SRC may collect fees as follows: registration or activity fees (financial hardships will be discretely considered on a case by case basis.), fund-raising, and donations.

Section 2.The SRC may apply for grants and corporate contributions for which it may be eligible.

Section 3.The SRC may establish annual membership dues to defray the cost of its activities.  Members will receive a newsletter at least four (4) times yearly.

Section 4.The fiscal year of the SRC shall be from July 1 through June 30.  Once the budget is approved, the Board may reallocate funds up to ten percent (10%) of the total approved operating budget.

Section 5.The Chairperson or acting Chairperson may authorize expenditures for activities of the Council up to $100 for any single purpose.  The Executive Committee can authorize expenditures over $100 on an emergency basis but continuing expenditures that cost more than $100, with the exception of newsletter mailings, must be approved by the Board of Directors and reported at the next meeting of the SRC.

Section 6.It is the goal of SRC that programs, after a period of time established by the Board of Directors, should strive to become self-sustaining.  This will be accomplished on a case-by-case basis and the Board will work with the program coordinator(s) to plan how and when this will become effective.

Section 7.The Council upon approval of the Board of Directors may fund new programs provided sufficient funds are available.  The Board will consider funding for an expansion of a program as a separate issue.  All requests for funding over $100 must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing.

Section 1.The order of business may be:

a.Call to order
b.Introduction of Guests
d.Treasurer's report
e.Committee reports
f.Old Business
g.New Business
h.Activity Coordinators reports
i.Member comments
j.Next meeting date
k.Motion for Adjournment

The chairperson may change the order of business.  The chairperson may adopt other procedures as are necessary to conduct the meetings upon the approval by a majority of the quorum present.

Section 2.Distribution of Bylaws.
Copies of these bylaws shall be provided to any member who requests a copy.


Section 1.These Bylaws may be amended at any annual or special meeting called for that purpose by 2/3 vote of the members present and voting.  Written notice of the intent to amend shall have been publicized to the membership not less than 15 days prior to said meeting.  All amendments must be presented to the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation prior to being voted by the SRC.  Approval by the Frederick County Parks and Recreation is necessary before any amendment(s) may take effect.

Section 2.In the event of the dissolution of the corporation, the residual assets of the corporation will be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code.  Provided, however, that the organization shall at all times so long as a mortgage or the organization's property is held or insured by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development have the power to convey its property to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development or his nominee, for exclusively public purposes.






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